Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue
 Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue


The peace-of-mind inmate phone company.


Family & Friends: Call 800-549-2121 to get calls from your inmate reliably

Within State

    Debit (prepaid account and phone card) calls:   $.49/minute.  $5.95 prepaid account processing fee.

    Collect calls:  $.99/minute.  If you are asked for a prepayment, then your phone company

             does not have a billing arrangement with us.  This includes all wireless carriers.  There is a $3.00

             automated operator fee.   If you are NOT asked for prepayment, the only fee is a $2.00 billing fee.


     Debit calls are .21 cents per minute plus government-mandated fee of 17.4% for a total of $.247/minute.

     Collect calls are $.25/minute plus government-mandated fees of 17.4%.  If you are asked for a prepayment,

             then your phone company does not have a billing arrangment with us.  This includes all wireless

            carriers.  The only fee is an automated operator fee of $3.00.  If you are NOT asked for prepayment,

            the only fee is a $2.00 billing fee.









                                   Minimizing Complaints


Our system, ProtoVue, is robust and state-of-the art.  It will provide:


  • The EASIEST-TO-USE inmate phone system anywhere.  It was designed by our clients.
  • 100% web-based
  • Maximum revenue, minimum complaints.
  • Collect, prepaid account and phone card calls.
  • Call control, e.g. blocking and shut-offs.
  • Security level assignment to users so you control what users can do.
  • Ability for you to EASILY generate customized reports. 
  • Reports can be generated using filters and sorts of every variable.
  • Investigative tools for phone and visitation sets, e.g. live monitoring, recording and tracing calls.


We also tackle the job of resolving complaints.  Family and friends can call our hotline to resolve issues and handle complaints.




PIN (personal ID numbers)

Digital recording

Alert detection

Multiple languages available

Set call restriction

Set call allow

Call duration setting

100% web-based

Remote user access

Email recordings

Programmable call duration

Programmable free calls

Suspend or reduce call privileges

Hot Number Alerts

Online Diagnostics

Customized reports

Call blocking

Compliant with ADA

Expert remote headquarters monitoring and repairs 24/7

Redundant call record and recording storage

Live call monitoring

Recordings to CD

User-friendly, secure and powerful call control system

Auto enrollment 

Phone scheduler

Assign users and security levels

Officer tracking

Crime tips hotline

Automatic, free software updates

Speed dials   

System reports

View of call activity

User security profiles 

Dependable service

Call detail at micro level

Free call availability


Unlimited training

Unlimited tech support

Quick kill

Prerecorded name

Visitation phones and recording

Compliant with FCC regulations

Payphone availability

Bilingual operators