Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue
 Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue

Company Profile

Protocall was founded and headquartered in Kansas City in 2005.  We will never be a bureaucracy.  As our client, you are the most important person to our company.


Daniel Thompson, VP – Operations

Prior to forming Protocall in 2005, Danny was Maintenance Manager for 3 years with a public phone company.  Prior to that he worked 10 years for Argosy Casinos in Riverside, MO.  He was promoted continuously to Maintenance Manager and served 6 years in that position.  He served on maintenance teams in the Air National Guard for over 20 years, retiring as Master Sergeant.   He was trained and certified by Omniphone, Inc. in call control, call routing and DOC requirements. Thompson’s expertise is operations management and backroom systems.  He is responsible for installations, maintenance and system upgrades.

David Lindgren, President

Prior to forming a public phone company in 1994 and Protocall in 2005, David held Business Director positions for General Mills, Mars and Hallmark Cards.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the local affiliate of the American Public Communications Council for twelve years.  Lindgren’s expertise is in project management and telecommunications systems.

Protocall’s programmers and systems personnel have had experience with call center, web portal and telecommunications systems development.  This experience is primarily with mid-sized companies in Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas as well as two U.S. intelligence agencies.