Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue
 Protocall  -  - Growing Revenue

Why Protocall?

Protocall is the inmate phone company that gives you

Peace of Mind


Protocall was born from an appreciation for law enforcement. This customer-first Company has developed what we believe you will agree is the easiest-to-use system ever – ProtoVue. It was developed with the help of law enforcement. Unlike many other companies, we did not enhance 1990’s technology. We developed our private network with a clean slate using twenty-first century technology.

Other companies focus on features you will never use. We focus our efforts on:

Making Your Inmates and Constituents Happier
     Phone cards with no surcharges
     Completing more calls
     Prompt repairs. We respond like firemen.
     Our live operators answer within 60 seconds. Try getting a live operator with any other company.
     Our operators represent you well. Unlike most all other call centers, our operators are paid by how
          helpful they are rather than how fast they can get the customer off the line..

Increasing Your Income
     We have increased income for ALL the accounts that have shared prior income history with us.
     We complete more calls! Ask us how we do that.
     Our network rests securely in our bunkers, providing redundancy and reliability.
     The network is monitored 24/7/365 by the Protocall Operations Center and our staff.
     ProtoVue performs self-diagnostics every two minutes. If there is a failure, and it is not instantly
          self-healed, our technical staff goes into action.

Making You More Efficient.
     We give you an escalation chart. We guarantee that someone on that list will answer the phone.
     No dial “1” for this or dial “2” for that.
     Immediate responses to your issues.
     If you need to have something changed, like adding more phones, we don’t need to call a board